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Northampton, UK

When it comes offering amazing solutions with modern innovation , whether its a stylish kitchen , lounge/diner ,bath/shower room or even bedroom , we can create an amazing individual look and feel to your home by introducing our unique vapour barrier stretch ceilings.

Whether its a childrens play room scene of their favourite characters , or a beautiful sunny skyline , JSS can create any atmosphere using various lighting options.

Having a ceiling designed and installed by us, for both of your domestic and private needs, will create the WOW factor ,leaving a lasting impression on all that see it.

Quality- it is the very first thing that you should consider when buying anything. It goes the same way with ceilings. If you want a modern 100% maintenance free ceiling, why settle with a plain ceiling that could easily deteriorate over time? Keep in mind that you spend money on treatments for mould, damp and re painting your ceiling in kitchens and bathrooms , so you should only get what you truly deserve. JSS Installations provide a quality full vapour barrier ceiling , giving you a touch of individual class , along with unrivaled benefits such as 160 colour choices , damp/mould proof , amazing lighting effects , rapid and mess free installation.

Styles and designs

– everyone likes to be individual , as this is something that showcases your personality. So, if you would like a unique ceiling that would give an x-factor for both of your domestic and private premises, then a ceiling from us is the best answer for this need. We have an array of different styles and designs, you can even have your ceilings personalized by way of any picture or image from our 20 MILLION stocked or any image that you provide to us.

Affordable- these days, getting a house can be a burden , yet it is a need. You may say that you only need a house and that’s that. However, once you come up with the task of decorating your home, you would want it to suit your own taste and style , and that should include your ceiling. Well, if you would like to have an amazing ceiling , yet something that suits your budget, you could always count on us.

Take a look around our website for some examples of what can be created just by using a little imagination.